Spelling Hearts

Hey, guys, welcome to the place where I spell out my heart for YOU!

I know you probably love me already.

Anyway, just so you know, my real name is NOT Emilino Emloile.  But, for now at least, I’m not gonna share my real name or much other personal information.  That can get a little dangerous sometimes, you know?  The idea for the name Emilino Emloile came from two of my best and most loyal friends.  They love me so much that they gave me a nickname.


I am female.  I live in California, USA.  I love to write.

And that is all I’m gonna tell you here.  Go to my “About” page for details on my writing history.


3 thoughts on “Spelling Hearts

  1. That’s AMAZING! Emilawyer…or however you say that. I LOVE YOU! Try to guess who this is. Just try.

    Hey guys.

    Okay, I give up. THIS IS YOUR BROTHER!

    This is my favorite post out of any blog because you are magical. I can’t wait until you actually get your writing on here! YAY, Em!!!

    1. You know, my very bestest friend, I CAN see your email address when you enter it in your comment. 😉
      And I can figure out who you are real quick when I have your email address, since I email you anyways.
      I do now have my “actual” writing!! Yippee!!!

      BTW, I really don’t think my brother would comment on my site anyway. He would probably just tell me in person.

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