Poem of the Month: September 2011

So, starting this month, September, I will be keeping a log of “Poems of the Month.” You will be able to view past and present Poems of the Month on the page, “Poem of the Month.”
And here is this month’s, written 9/11/11

9/11 Dedication

Pieces crumble under my feet
The sound rings of bones
The air is filled with utter defeat
How am I able to feel so alone

I call out to find what is left
When there is so much time to cry
How could I ever have slept
Isn’t there anything to find, alive

I listen for echoes of what has once been
The sounds of nothing reach my ears
What has become of all these men
What soul could imagine these living fears

There is something here that sours my sense
That grates my heart
That tightens the tense
That rips me apart

Is there no life here anymore
Is there only what was once before
Where has it gone
What has been done

I see the death that tread the life
I see the blood among the ash
I see what has caused so much strife
I see what has turned all to trash

I see the tears that never cease
I see how grief is a disease
I see why men fall on their face
I know why I am in this place.


5 thoughts on “Poem of the Month: September 2011

    1. Thanks! But the thing about poetry is (at least for me) that you aren’t limited by punctuation. I don’t like punctuation in my poems; I leave it out until the very end, and sometimes not even then.

  1. This is amazing. I love the second verse. It has a lot of those words that you don’t really get at first and then you have to think them through.

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