Poem and My Brother’s Birthday

I wrote this on the first of this glorious month.  Hope you like it, because I really do.  It’s one of my faves.  🙂

Deep inside our hearts
Isn’t there a place
Where our kindness falls apart
And the shadows come awake

Within the hidden space
That no one else will see
There’s something that cries
That it doesn’t want to be

When we are alone
And our sleep overtakes
Our deep foundations groan
Don’t we retch and scream and rake

Can’t we ever find a home
Will the restless ever cease
Will not the brightness overcome
When we fall to our knees

Is not there something greater
Than what we tend to be
Who really is the maker
Of what we cannot see

Will we always be haunted
By that so seductive black
Isn’t there good undaunted
That will penetrate the dark

It spreads to every place
Until I cannot see
It closes in the space
It’s like a rotting dream

Don’t we need someone to save us
Cannot we save ourselves
Yet rising through the dust
It’s like I’m getting closer
To what I’ve never seen

ALSO!!!  It’s my brother’s birthday!!  He is turning 17.  So wish him a merry new year of his life.  He’s a great brother.  Really, I mean it.  And birthdays are fun to celebrate, even when they aren’t yours.




4 thoughts on “Poem and My Brother’s Birthday

    1. lol — um, I think I’m getting an A or A+? Not quite sure, I’ll have to check. But I know it’s at least an A, since I haven’t missed any assignments and I’ve gotten A’s and A+’s on the returned ones…
      Why? English is my favorite subject. 🙂

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