The Good Things

Good days fly by

Once they’ve passed, they taunt us

“Come back,” they say, “Just go ahead and try”

They take with them our happiness

They take with them our trust

Then come the days that never end

And come the dreams, oh, sickly sweet

The dreams that cannot mend

And when we wake, into the sleet

We wish the dreams could stay

The color fades, we sob inside

We can’t return, but oh, we tried

We clawed the walls, we beat the doors

And our tears glistened on the floors

We tried to run, away, away

But we couldn’t find a home

We could not chase away the days

Days of nightmares, days of nothing

No, not a one

We wanted rest

We prayed for home

“Some day,” we said, “We’ll find the best”

“The good days will return sometime”

“They never fail to come”


I wrote that today.  Here’s a verse I found from the Bible:


“How the gold has become dim!

How changed the fine gold!

The stones of the sanctuary are scattered

At the head of every street.”

(Lamentations 4:1 NKJV)




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