The Son of Neptune

Rick Riordan published his newest book, The Son of Neptune, a few weeks ago.  It’s the second in the Heroes of Olympus series, which is sort of like a continuation of the very-famous Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  I was excited about it and so I bought it this Saturday.

On Sunday, I started reading it.  It’s pretty good, actually.  I expected it to be good, of course.  Rick Riordan’s books are amusing. (I like that word.  It’s sort of funny, isn’t it?  Amusing.)

Anyway, that day I was reading the back cover, and I found a TYPO!!! I don’t know why, but typoes always get me real excited.  I kind of want to be an editor someday.  My rough drafts (even for boring school reports on, like, Andrew Carnegie.  Or John D. Rockefeller.  Those two people were THE LEAST interesting for me to learn about in all of my school years thus far.) very rarely have spelling errors, and rarely have punctuation errors.  When people have lots of misspelled words and such, I get pretty close to having seizures right there in the middle of class.  My brother calls me the “Grammar Nazi.”  Not an inaccurate thing to say.

So, I just thought it was funny.  I found the typo in an embarrassing location, right at the top where it says “The Heroes of Olympus, Book One.”  But instead of “Olympus,” it says, “Oympus.”

Man.  I just cracked up at that one.  Think it’s worth any money?  Maybe.  Somebody got canned over that.  You know, since it bugs grammar Nazis like moi.

Anway, thought that was funny.

You should read The Son of Neptune!! Great book.



2 thoughts on “The Son of Neptune

  1. BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Seriously cracking up right now! I love typos in books too, though I’m usually wrong about it 😀

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