Finally, I See You

I wrote this poem the day before I saw someone I’d been missing a LOT (see this post), and I was wondering what I would do when I finally saw him.

I want to catch your eye

Just keep standing here

While your world is running by

Come on, I’ve gotta overcome this fear


I’ve waited so long to see you

Just looked and looked and looked

I’m telling you, I swear it’s true

Then why do I feel so crooked


Should I call out?

Maybe you won’t hear

I’d have to, I could just shout

Yet, to the floor falls a tear


Don’t you ever miss me

Come on, just look this way

Can’t you, oh, can’t you see?

I love you, that’s what I’ll say


But what if you looked all right

What’d I do, just cry?

I never saw you in spite

My love, you’ve made me die


You’re just moving over there

So close, so far from me

I see the sunshine on your hair

It’s all I can do to be


Can’t I just touch your face

Just, look you in the eye?

Please, fill in the empty space

I don’t want to die


I love you

I’ll tell you that

I’m walking up to you

I’m really stupid like that


I love you

I love you

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4 thoughts on “Finally, I See You

  1. Em, I have a feeling I know who “R” is, and I seriously hope I am wrong! If I am right, however, I think you quite strange and obsessive. I pray I am wrong. I have a feeling I am, and therefore my interest has been spiked.
    I remain faithfully and ever yours,
    P.S. do you know who I am? 🙂

    1. I can’t figure out who you are. :\
      Do you go to my church?
      I don’t think you’d know who R is, unless you are a best friend of mine… I haven’t really posted anything specific about him. Really, though, I’m not being strange and obsessive. I probably seem like I am, on this blog, but that’s because this blog is somewhere I post my most recent thoughts. Not necessarily stuff about just my everyday life. Although some of that is on here, too.

    2. Wait. The “J” is the initial of your last name, right? I really have no clue who you are if so, but if it’s NOT the first letter of your last name, I might know…
      How did you find out about this site?

    3. I apologize for all of my replies, but how would I be strange and obsessive due to merely a couple of posts about R? Sure, he’s important to me, and I miss him, but I really haven’t written much about him. I’m dealing with a lot of stress currently, and I used to talk to him about what I went through. But I can’t anymore. If you were me, I’m sure you would do the same. I just miss him. Does that mean I’m obsessed?
      I’m sorry if I seem harsh.
      But I am, in fact, very much offended by your assumption and your enigma.
      I am being honest here.
      I wonder who you think R is, that you would consider me strange and obsessive. If you knew me well enough to be right in your assumption, you would… well, you would know why I love him.
      Not that I will tell you who R is, but I would like to know who you are and who you assume R to be.

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