think for a moment

This poem came a little randomly.  I had actually been reading poems on various blogs, and got inspired.  By “you are who I am” I am referring to how when we love someone, and spend time with them, who they are becomes who we are, in a sense.  We become them.  It can’t be put into words, really — it doesn’t happen on purpose, we don’t CHOOSE to change ourselves because of them.  It just happens.  Who they are becomes the basis of who we are.  And so, my poem.


Standing here

I think for a moment

Where you came from

Out of the blue

I can’t remember who I was

Before you


I think for a moment

And then I say

“You are who I am.”




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One thought on “think for a moment

  1. This poem is beautiful (I chose not to say great on purpose). I completely understand what you mean. I’ve pretty much become exactly like Bribri, or she’s become like me, and sometimes it really gets on my nerves 🙂 It kinda happened with you too (not the getting on my nerves part though)

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