what would I do

What would I do

For your hand in mine

For your lips on mine

For our feet to step in time


What would I do

To have my arms around you

What I wouldn’t do

For you to have me, too


What would I do

For my fingers in your hair

For my eye to meet your stare

For me to know you’re there


What would I do

To fall into your outstretched arms

Shielded from all other harm

What I wouldn’t do to have you




Picture courtesy jacobchills.com


16 thoughts on “what would I do

  1. your wish is about to come true. meet me at midnight between your home and the twins-at that kreepy park where the druggies hang

    1. LOL, Poca, you are hilarious. “Hey, little girl… wanna come see my dog?”
      Man, we used to say that every time we saw someone walking on the street. Good times.
      How come we never say that anymore? I think I probably grew up a little since then. I never say “CP” anymore. And I get mad when other people say it. THOSE LUST-INFATUATED PIGS!!!!!!!
      Love you! Tell Jambalaya I said hi.

    2. Oh, BTW (sorry for comment repetition), you don’t even know who I’m talking about in this poem!!!! So ha!
      (It isn’t God, BTW, and it’s not R, either. But I don’t think you’d assume that anyway…)

  2. yeah i dont rily care who it is. yes em, wer so mature now. i dont say cp anymore either- i read the book of ephesians-says no sex jokes “course joking which is out of place” or something like that. so no more thats what she said. maybe we dont say our inside jokes because idk…maybe its the fact that I NEVER EVER SEE YOU. i miss you 😦 you should text me, or i should text you, or both? or we cood speek through lily-like if you were an asian prisoner trapped in a basket, and i wanted to bake a fourtune cookie to tell you when i was gonna bust you out!!!! lily would be the person who brot you the cake and helped because she is bass (like the fish 🙂 im totaly gonna make you a message cookie now 😀 and lily shall bring it to you!!! (well, il ask her if she will)

  3. oh and jumbie grumbled. we just had indian food. cant decide weither we like it or not. i guess we will have to-missionarys cant be picky ;p nan and chicken marsalla saouce was good. very spicey spice though but il get over it. so how are you? (sorry, leaving like three comments)

  4. I really liked your poem,Em. I think it’s every girls day dream. 😉 I really want to know who it is, though!! I can’t figure it out!:( The cookie conversation was really fun to read!! do you think Pocahontas will actually do it, though? If she does, you will have to tell me about it.
    See you on Friday,
    Love your sister in Christ,
    Hema S. Jackson LOL 😉

  5. yes, I know who Pocahontas is!! She’s the Indian princess who saved John Smith, right? LOL;) No, i’m kidding!! I know it’s Anna, you told me!!
    See you tonight, Em.

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