I want you to know

My best friend

My closest friend

I tell you everything

You always listen


In a storm

I always think of you

You’re always saying

How much you love me

I should say it more


I love you, I love you

I tell you everything

You know me

Better than anyone


It’s easy to talk to you

To tell you everything

You already know

So much, I don’t

Have to worry

What you think of me


You’re always there

You want to be

There for me

And it breaks my heart

You know


You love me so much

You’re so caring

I wish I could be

What you are to me


You’re my role-model

You’re brilliant

You’re amazing

You’re the best friend

I could ever hope for


It breaks my heart

Because I never tell you

Enough of how

Much I love you


How much you mean

How valuable you are

Maybe you already know

But sometimes

That’s not how it feels


You’re my shoulder to cry on

You’re amazing

I can’t believe

I mean so much to you


It’s impossible

How kind you are

I want to be

A friend like you


I love you so much

And I’d waste away

Without you

You know me better

Than my own mother


You know me better

Than R

Than MM

You know how I feel

About everything


Don’t ever go away

I’d miss you too much

I’d miss you more

Than I miss R


I’d miss you more

Than you can ever

Possibly know

I love you.



Pictures mine.


17 thoughts on “I want you to know

  1. Em, I don’t care who you were talking about in this, but I want you to know that thins is what you are to me. H.S.J. :):):):):):)

  2. Did I truly understand
    A thing about love
    Before you?

    Could anything be like
    The beauty I find
    In you?

    You don’t see the guilt
    Maybe I”m selfish
    But I’m glad all you can see
    Are the good parts of me

    I try, to my credit,
    To think of wonderful things,
    For you

    But you always get ahead
    Doing all-and more
    For me

    Maybe it’s late
    Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing
    But you told me to say
    And share my heart
    To pour it out

    Here I am
    This is me
    Take my thoughts
    I promise I will try,
    Oh so hard,
    To take any burden
    Off of you,
    To be with you,
    To trust you,
    To cherish you

    Because, always, to me
    You are a waterfall
    Rushing sounds of life
    You are a fountain
    Flowing forth with light

    And, if I ca
    All my days, all my life
    I’ll be playing through the water,
    Reading books,
    WRiting songs,
    Bleeding tears,
    Loving God,
    With you

    Because that is love.

    Thank you, Emily. Thank you so much for everything.

  3. A REply to your first comment, I ain’t goin’ anywhere. And if I do, you’d better be in the same flight, in the seat next to me.

  4. I love you, more than I can ever express.
    I need you always with me, at my side.
    You are my friend, and nothing can separate us.
    You are my pal, to comfort me when I’m sad.
    Never leave me,
    I need you.
    What would I be without you?
    You are a gift from GOD,
    And I will cherish you always.

  5. they have beautiful eyes.. don’t they? 😀 I just got home to Scotland, I miss you guys soooo much!! Tell Jasmine I said hi!!

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