What you taught me


You taught me invaluable things

You taught me that sometimes life sucks

That sometimes life’s good

What it means to be kind


You taught me the tenderest things

You taught me how happiness feels

How contentment feels

Life was perfect with you


You taught me the gentlest things

You taught me how to see myself

To look away from me

And I fell in love with you


You taught me the hardest things

You taught me you weren’t everything

But you were a lot

And I sure hope you knew


You taught me I need to let go

You taught me how much I loved you

I still need to let go

I still love you, you know


You taught me a beautiful thing

You taught me to live without you

And when I saw you again

My heart turned into soup


You taught me something I can’t describe

You taught me to smile without you

To love without you

But, you know what


Oh, oh, I still love you.




Hand picture by Andrew Mitchell

Eye picture courtesy fc03.deviantart.net


3 thoughts on “What you taught me

  1. beautiful poem that has really resonated with my own experience of late…
    i’m still caught in limbo between the love and the letting go…
    definitely takes a lot of strength to let go when you know its needed even when the love is there.
    thank you x

  2. EM, even when it’s hard for you to let go, never forget them , and always let them live in that special place in your heart (and don’t charge them rent:).
    And never NEVER forget what God said “I will never leave you, know forsake you) your Abba Father is there for you, and wil always give you a hug when you need it.:) He loves you more…..
    Jasmine Psalms 3:5-6

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