I never thought it was possible

How is it possible

For someone to love me this much?


Just me

In my lazy swivel computer chair


Because I can



And my dreams

And my blog

And my infatuation


I’m always forgetting

Again and again

How much I’m loved


Just me

The one off in space


I do that too much


You’re more brilliant than me

Than I ever hope to be

How do I matter to you

This much?

It’s just me

Day by day



Don’t forget me


I’m certainly not forgotten

Thank you

Thank you so much



Pictures courtesy dezeen.com and indiatalkies.com


7 thoughts on “I never thought it was possible

  1. If somebody loves you, Emily, they love you for you. And if they don’t they must not really love you. For if you love somebody, you love them for just being them. Don’t show people just the good and perfect side of you, just be yourself, and if they do not like it, they do not really love you. If someone loves you,they love you despite your shortcomings.Just look at the cross, Emily. You are God’s creation, His daughter, a princess. If that’s the best part of you, I don’t see what’s no to love. I love you, Emily, for who you are, you are my best friend, my companion, my sister, and there is nothing more special than that. Jasmine Eve Byerley

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