A day of my life

A day spent

A day gone

Hmmm, I should write more…

I’ll write tomorrow

Or maybe I should just write now

And get it over with?

Dang, I’m acting like writing is

something terrible!

This is me


That’s what I do…

Not with schoolwork

But with everything else

Welcome to

my world.




6 thoughts on “A day of my life

  1. I know what it’s like to leave something till later. Something unpleasant you can’t face now. Something boring, you feel like doing something else. Something uncomfortable, like having an indepth conversation with your mom about boys. I’ve done the last recently. of course, I didn’t know it was coming, and it wasn’t that in depth. it was more like a concerned mini lecture, if you know what I mean. And I procrastinate with homework practiclly every day. I am very proud of myself for getting my math and logic done today and not leaving them for Monday.

  2. thanks!! i have other homework, but it is not due till later in the week, so i am procrstinating still. did you know that procrstinating has a Latin root word. OMG!!!!!!!!! I’ve been like seriously geeking out about Roday, like, reading JC and googling pics of rome and the colleseum and galdiator and like, like, twitch twitch

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