Never let you go

Would you embrace me

Hug me

Wrap your arms around me

I want you to be here

Next to me

Close to me

Your voice

In my ear

Take one step closer

Two, three, four

I’ll throw my arms

Around your neck

Hold you close

Keep you

Never let you go…









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16 thoughts on “Never let you go

  1. you can always trust me. like alladin. but that’s not creepy at all!! how’s it going for ya there in the states? how’s jasmine? tell her I say hi!! and the twins, and anna. :p

    1. URGH!!! I hate this movie guessing-game! I am so bad at it.
      I dunno. Tell me.
      Okay, Jasmine, if you REALLY want to know THAT bad, READ THE STUPID LETTER. If you do, tell me you read it. And seriously, don’t think I’m a freak or a weirdo and don’t disown me and don’t imply anything when he’s around and, just… just don’t act all weird about it. Please. If you’re gonna, don’t read it.
      If you think this might be at all difficult, don’t read the letter.

  2. it’s from gladiator. pretty much, if you can’t figure out what the movie is, it’s probably from that. I’m going to read it, eben though I’ve pretty much already firgured out who it is, I think. You can’t blame him! he never knew his father!! am I right? anyway, I’m going to go read it. I will still love you, no matter who it is. but remembering all the stuff you wrote in your blogs, it’s kind of freaking me out!!

    1. Yeah. That’s who it is. You knew that all along, didn’t you? But I keep lying, so that threw you off-balance. I’m sorry. I hope you understand why I lied.
      Yeah… the stuff I wrote on SH is precisely why I wouldn’t tell you.

  3. I like trains!! bawaowaoh!! is anyone even checking the comments on this anymore!! I could totally right anything I wanted to, and no body would know, because no body is ever going to read this, EVER!! haha!! Michael J. Fox is awesome!! but he’s older than my mom, like twenty years older, so that really SUCKS!! he’s so old!! why do alll the amazing actors have to be sooooo frickin’ old!! ?? !!

      1. hey!! my mom’s thirty!! I don’t think my grandma is old. you know who MJF is, right? he’s so awesome!!

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