Stolen Glances

Keep looking at you
If only you knew
All these thoughts in secret
But secret’s all I get

The way you are is crazy
How can I resist
Can you really blame me
It’s not anything I did

You make me feel so guilty
When you joke around
Every time you touch me
My stomach hits the ground

Baby can you hear
This desperation in my heart
Every time you’re near me
Feel my heartbeat start

I can’t ever tell you
I couldn’t if I tried
I’ll keep on admiring you
From the corner of my eye

I could record your voice
Every little word you say
Keep you in my head and
Replay you all day

I notice things about you
I can’t stop watching you
I could list off all your features
Go ahead, call me a creeper

Whatever it is, darling
I won’t let you leave
You’ve got an air about you
I cannot believe

You’re too good to be true
Who cares about romances
Be my friend and I’m okay
With just my stolen glances.




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