I know very well
How I’ve been changing
There’s nothing you could tell me
I haven’t noticed yet

This is a time
When I should be smacking
Away temptations
Like a baseball player at the bat

My friends are ready
When it comes their turn
But when it’s mine, right now
I’ve dropped the bat

The world is spinning
Like it always does
But mine is spinning
Faster every day

I used to think
Way, way too much
And that got me depressed
See, that’s something I often get

I’m sick of depression
And thinking too much
To be honest, reality
Is a sad, sad thing

So I took my perspective
And turned it around
I’ve made myself into someone
I used to envy every day

I hate to take the world for granted
I used to ward it off
But it’s something you have to do, sometimes
To avoid becoming sad

I’ve become a lot less awkward
And I have a lot less hair
But I’ve become a lot less thoughtful
I’m becoming what I’ve always feared

I have more confidence
And more self-esteem
I understand other people so much more
Than I ever did before

I used to be so different
Brilliant, quiet, and lonely
Didn’t know how to become someone
Everyone would like

And now I know how to charm
And I know how to talk
And I know how to be warm
And I know how to be fake

I always swore I’d never be like them
The ones who live like there’s no tomorrow
But now I’m just like them
Almost living like there’s no tomorrow

The only difference is that
I remember what it was like
To be different, and to tell you the truth…
I don’t know whether to miss it or not.


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