Statements Kept Inside My Head

I’d keep you in my arms and never let go.

I’d do anything at all to keep you from crying.
I’d give myself up to give you one more chance.

I’d do whatever it took to get you to listen, but you won’t.

Come over here, and lay down with me, if it would help you.

If you hated me, I’d jump off the edge of the planet to spare you from my existence.

I’d wipe your tears away with my hands.

Don’t push me away.

Why are you doing this?

You’re ruining yourself.

How do I stop you?



Tell me what to do.

Please, oh, please, darling, I’ll do it.

Want me to stay?

I’ll stay forever.

Want me to leave?

I’ll never come back.

I’d die for you.

Heck, I’d even eat a vegetable for you.

I’d eat a whole artichoke if it would help you.

That’s saying a lot.

Darling, baby, what’s wrong?

Can’t you tell me?

Did someone hurt you?

I’ll smack them all the way to Gallifrey.

Don’t cry.

Don’t be sad.

Whatever you do, you can come running back to me.

I’ll hold your hand through every nightmare.

I’ll stop the bullets with my own heart.

I’ll carry your burdens on my own back.

I’ll listen to every word you say.

I’ll give you advice if you need it.

I’ll keep silent if you’re fed up with words.

I’ll pick you up and carry you away.

We’ll run away, far away, wherever you’d like.

Just tell me.

I’ve told you, but you don’t believe me, my darling.

Can I tell you again?

Oh, darling. Oh, baby.

I love you.




a baffling thought


Something has

been on my mind…


one of those things

I wish I could block out

of my memory


one of those things

that confuses me

one of those things

I wonder why

I ever think about at all


one of those things

I think about all the time


one of those things

I know I shouldn’t think about


…but I’m afraid to give it up.



I never thought it was possible

How is it possible

For someone to love me this much?


Just me

In my lazy swivel computer chair


Because I can



And my dreams

And my blog

And my infatuation


I’m always forgetting

Again and again

How much I’m loved


Just me

The one off in space


I do that too much


You’re more brilliant than me

Than I ever hope to be

How do I matter to you

This much?

It’s just me

Day by day



Don’t forget me


I’m certainly not forgotten

Thank you

Thank you so much



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I want you to know

My best friend

My closest friend

I tell you everything

You always listen


In a storm

I always think of you

You’re always saying

How much you love me

I should say it more


I love you, I love you

I tell you everything

You know me

Better than anyone


It’s easy to talk to you

To tell you everything

You already know

So much, I don’t

Have to worry

What you think of me


You’re always there

You want to be

There for me

And it breaks my heart

You know


You love me so much

You’re so caring

I wish I could be

What you are to me


You’re my role-model

You’re brilliant

You’re amazing

You’re the best friend

I could ever hope for


It breaks my heart

Because I never tell you

Enough of how

Much I love you


How much you mean

How valuable you are

Maybe you already know

But sometimes

That’s not how it feels


You’re my shoulder to cry on

You’re amazing

I can’t believe

I mean so much to you


It’s impossible

How kind you are

I want to be

A friend like you


I love you so much

And I’d waste away

Without you

You know me better

Than my own mother


You know me better

Than R

Than MM

You know how I feel

About everything


Don’t ever go away

I’d miss you too much

I’d miss you more

Than I miss R


I’d miss you more

Than you can ever

Possibly know

I love you.



Pictures mine.