Sugar High

How does this happen?
How do you do this to me?

Your presence in the room gives me ADD
Can’t concentrate, can’t focus
I can’t stop trembling

Your touch sends fireworks through my blood
My heart skips a beat
Every time I see you

You’re like a fat-free sugar high
A thousand Cokes
Coursing through my veins

The sound of your voice
Sends me spinning into outer space
It’s intoxicating

I could listen to your voice forever
Fall asleep to you whispering in my ear
Please, don’t ever, ever stop

That giggle that bubbles from your throat
Leaves me breathless
Sends my heartbeat off the charts

Could you take it easy on me
Just a bit?
But no, don’t, I’m enjoying it too much

I know you probably don’t feel the same
You don’t shudder at the sight of me
But please, please, stay with me forever

You know, I’m always here
To take you, and hold you
And love you forever

You don’t always have
To be the strong one
You can be weak with me

So come on, take my hand
Oh, I’d do anything
Come with me, we’ll do whatever you want

I don’t know if you knew
But hey
I’ve fallen so hard for you

Bet you didn’t know
But now you do
I love you.



My name is…

I am Emily.

Emily McClelland

That is my name.

Is it who I am?

Or just merely my name?

The title by which I am called?

Am I Emily,

or is Emily me?

If my name was Susan,

would I be Susan,

or would I be Emily?

Would I look like a Susan

or would I look like an Emily?

You would know me as Susan.

You would be used to

calling me Susan.

Perhaps, then, I would

look like a Susan.

Am I Susan?

Am I Emily?

Am I Emilino?

Or Emloile?

Emilino Emloile?

“Who am I?”
Well, what do you mean by that?

Are you asking my name?

Or do you really want to know

who I am?


I am not Emily.

I am not Susan.

I am not Emilino.

I am me.


In a world without any names

would everyone have

to know each other better?




Picture taken from here.