The pose poem

This world can get pretty heavy

Stop taking it so seriously

Allow yourself some energy

That serious face is killing me


Strike a magnificent pose

Be a hero, just for now

Momentarily shrug off

That crappy mask of woe


I wonder what would happen

If we were to stop being trapped in

This world of overachievers

This world of Justin Biebers


Strike an epic pose

As you look off into the sunset

Admire your silhouette

The tallness of your shadow


Prince Charming, Mr. Incredible

Syndrome, whoever you may want

Oh, thats a good one

Let me take a picture

(Took that picture of my good guy friends last Friday.  Zoom in for the full effect.  Man, if you don’t know them, are YOU missing out on life!!  [That’s an ode to you, Jesse])