My name is…

I am Emily.

Emily McClelland

That is my name.

Is it who I am?

Or just merely my name?

The title by which I am called?

Am I Emily,

or is Emily me?

If my name was Susan,

would I be Susan,

or would I be Emily?

Would I look like a Susan

or would I look like an Emily?

You would know me as Susan.

You would be used to

calling me Susan.

Perhaps, then, I would

look like a Susan.

Am I Susan?

Am I Emily?

Am I Emilino?

Or Emloile?

Emilino Emloile?

“Who am I?”
Well, what do you mean by that?

Are you asking my name?

Or do you really want to know

who I am?


I am not Emily.

I am not Susan.

I am not Emilino.

I am me.


In a world without any names

would everyone have

to know each other better?




Picture taken from here.