closes her lips and closes her eyes
shields her thoughts from a tear in the skies

every love she knows
by the imprint on her lips

and she is a fly
stuck fast in honey
brushing against her, near her He hovers
but even His whispers
are lost in the sheets
between her and a gentler lover


We see a broken world
Of dead eyes and false smiles
Every hero, every villain
Become the same at night
As they cry themselves to sleep

And don’t try to tell me
That the cries of agony
Drifting down to us from hell
Will lessen as we get older

What kind of world
Would silence the cry of a human being
Because they don’t have a penis
Dangling between their legs?

What kind of society
Tells a girl to drown her flaws in makeup
But then turns in disgust
As she carves herself away?

What kind of God
Breathes life into a human
Only to toss them into flames?

No matter what any religion tells me
There is no song in heaven beautiful enough
To drown out the screams of hell


Sometimes I think
I should get over you

But then
I remember
How it felt
When you held my hand
For so long
While we walked

Sometimes I wonder if
You’re not worth it

But then
I remember
How you smile at me
How your smile
Blows a breeze
Of soft air
Through my heart

Sometimes I think
I’m better off without you

But then
I remember
How much warmer I am
How I can’t stop smiling
And I leak with joy
When I’m with you

Sometimes I think
You’re not right for me

But then
I remember
All the times we laugh
Until we cry
Until our stomach hurts
We’re so very odd
How can I resist

Sometimes I think
I could get over you

But then
I remember
That I don’t know how